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National Science Foundation Innovation-Corp Funding!

Excited to announce that we have officially been accepted to take part in the National Science Foundation I-Corp program based on our new rapid chemical and biological testing methodology! For this project, Max Wamsley (PhD student in Zhang lab) will serve as the Entrepreneurial Lead, Dongmao Zhang will serve as the Technical Lead, and Rick Cox (Metrohm) will serve as the Industry Mentor, we are optimistic that this program will pave the way for the establishment of a new, successful startup!

The objective of this NSF program is to do market research to determine if our ultrafast chemical/biological testing method is a viable product to improve the testing speed, cost, and ease-of-use for food, feed, beverages, and pet food quality control and safety.  As part of this program, I am required to conduct brief interviews to better understand the current workflow and challenges related to these areas, in the hopes to identify potential collaborations & partnerships for the implementation of our new technology.

If anyone has connections related to this field, or would like to participate in an interview, please email Max Wamsley, the Entrepreneurial Lead!

For more information, check out the NSF award announcement.



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