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Current Funding

  1. NSF 2420230:    I-Corps: Translation Potential of a Kinetic Fluorogenic Technology for Rapid Chemical and Biological Testing.  
    Role: PI   |   Amount to the group: $50,000   |   Duration: 5/1/2024-4/30/2025.

  2. NSF 2320462: Equipment: MRI: Track II Development of an Optical Spectrometer for Multimodal Linearly Polarized, Circularly Polarized, and Integrating-Sphere-Assisted Spectroscopic Measurement
    Role: PI   |   Amount to the group: $1,205,000   |   Duration: 10/1/2023 to 9/30/20227


  3. NSF 2203571: Instrument Development: Modular, Multitrack, and Multifunctional Linearly Polarized Spectrometer for Synchronized Multispectral Characterization of Molecular Assembly.
    Role: PI   |   Amount to the group:  $394,900   |   Duration: 8/01/2022-7/30/2025.

  4. NIH COBRE Piot Project: “Modular Laser Fluorometer for Ultraefficient Robust Quantification of Reactive Species”
    Role:  PI   |   Amount to the group: $189,890   |   Duration:  10/01/2021-6/30/2024.

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